Made from oils, cornstarch, or vegetable fats it is estimated to be about 1% of over 230 million tons of plastic produced each year.

However, it may sound good, “Bioplastic”, but the problem is it has a varied end of life. That means that some “Bioplastics” can be composted but not recycled. Some can only be recycled but not composted.

Currently “Bioplastics” are still found in recycled plastic bales along with PET and others.

Composters such as Winrows does not accept food waste in “Bioplastic” bags because of the compostability issues.

Lets hope that Green Chemistry catches on and develops a truly compostable product therefore deriving value at end of life recycling.

What “Bioplastic” cannot be recycled in Fill-A-Box clean air system is ground into pellets and used as fuel in Stat-Medicament-Disposal process.

Do you know what products you use that come in “Bioplastic” containers?

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