Why Households Don’t Recycle

The number one reason cited in a recent survey was convienence. That is, even a curbside program is inconvienent because the provided Recycling bins are:

1. Too large to fit in the home.

2. No constant reminder in the home.

3. No regular schedule for pick-up (waiting to fill containers before curbside placement).

or, without a curbside program, collecting items, (in some kind of container) and then driving to a drop-off center takes too much effort.

The next reason, is confusing programs, such as not being able to mix plastics (sorting or removing bottle caps), that is households think recyclers have their own secret language that they do not understand. So, it is just easier to throw it all in the trash!

Another cited reason is households do not like government funded recyclingprograms that is their own tax dollars used for programs that are not even marginally successful.

However, the answer can be found at Fill-A-Box and Winrows.

Containers, that fit nicely in your kitchen, clearly marked for placement of recycables, picked up weekly and placement of a clean new container, and a container that provides recycling of more products than any other program.

Plus, the added benefit of Greenebank Carbon Offset credits in your account by address/location.

Want this Recycling program in your neighborhood?

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