Education – Reduction – Collection

Fill-a-Box meets these three (3) criteria.

Education – Fill-a-Box stands as a daily education in your home as an educational billboard of what needs to be placed in the box for collection.  Its size and shape was designed to fit inside your kitchen (Not the garage or yard) with distinctive printing that is a constant reminder of items to place within the box.

Even more significant is the fact that Fill-a-Box Educates and motivates you to recycle unused – unneeded pharmaceuticals, which currently the United States White House recommends flushing down the toilet or placing in coffee grounds in your trash.  Most individuals do not realize the damage that these unused – unneeded pharmaceuticals do to your water system and the environment.

Fill-A-Box is: 

The answer to barriers of recycling. It removes the barriers and CREATES A MOVEMENT AROUND RECYCLING!

Fill-a-Box Educates you (individually) as to the exact amount of weight / item count you recycle of each category of the box used.   That is accurate, up-to-date data that is not available anywhere else.  Currently, recycling figures are based on self-reporting by trash haulers and recyclers.  See (Bio Recycling Solutions LTD. Eric Evans 2005) Fill-a-Box educates you as to the amount of CO2 you are removing from the environment through a Greenebank Synergy.


Fill-a-Box Educates you that by using Fill-a-Box and Winrows you are able to recycle 76% of your recyclables with accurate verifiable numbers,

which reduces household hazardous waste from entering the landfill, wastewater system and reduces greenhouse gas (GHG).

Kansas Department of Health and Environment recognized in their 2006 figures, that only 19% was diverted from landfills.  Fill-a-Box can achieve at least (3) times  that amount and in synergy with Winrows can achieve 76% reduction.

In recent years there has been a trend toward single-stream curbside recycling, this increases the cost of recycling, and actually reduces the amount recycled.

The reason is the design and size of the recycle container removes it from inside the home (no daily motivation), and the cost of personnel to sort is tremendous.