Reduction is verifiable with Fill-a-Box.  For example if your city tripled battery collection from 1,000# to 3,000# it actually means nothing, because if  residents are disposing 100,000# you are only collecting 3%, up from 1%.


If you give people the opportunity they are going to take advantage of it!

Collection: Fill-a-Box removes the barriers to recycling.  These are:

  • Sorting
  • Travel to drop-off sites
  • Segmented (only certain items)
  • Limited days and hours
  • Structural barrier (collection containers in garage / yard)
  • Home bound
  • Elderly

Less than 10% of households participate in recycling because of one or more of these barriers.  (E.P.A.  Document # 530-R-92-026 January 17, 2007)

Fill-a-Box motivates and increases collection by providing a basic solution (The Box) which is printed with reminders of items to place in the Fill-a-Box, items not offered by any other collection program  (Batteries, Unused Unneeded Pharmaceuticals, Fluorescent Bulbs) and includes carbon offset credits (Greenebank ©™) for these collections.

Fill-a-Box reinforces collection of recyclables, which is education, this improves collection! This moves beyond today and sets clear priorities.  Accepting all these types of material increases participation rates and lowers cost of recycling.  This is a paradigm shift in how a sustainable future is ensured.

Fill-a-Box instigates a grassroots, city-centric movement for collection, not seen in any other recycling program, ever and engages your community into a mission of collection.