Winrows Container
Winrows Container

Winrows SYNERGY with Fill-A-Box provides maximum recycling rather than the piecemeal fashion that takes place in Cities, Counties, and States today.

Winrows is best positioned to deliver the most cost-effective Recycling Program for your City, County, or State, because it motivates residents to take greater responsibility, it is non-intrusive, it is convenient, and it has an incentive GREENEBANK (carbon offsets that are saleable and redeemable for cash).

With the addition of GREENEBANK (carbon offsets) Winrows is a paradigm shift in how sustainable future is ensured.  That is GREENEBANK encourages the removal and collection of Food Waste (biowaste) by residents through the provision of readily re-saleable carbon-offsets.  This design increases and enhances Recycling in your City, County, or State way above any program ever used before.

Did you know that there is no official mechanism for reporting food waste recycling.  Any data today is completely un-reliable and there is no way to cross-check any data provided.  However see what Winrows provides.

Winrows was not designed for just collection, but involves the “Waste-Not” philosophy to acheive long-lasting end use benefits from the collection process.

Winrows provides three(3) end products from the food waste collected:

  1. Compost and or worm composting.
  2. Swilling, using steam injection to treat food waste.
  3. Greenebank (carbon offsets).  Click here to learn how you can earn money recycling

GREENEBANK is innovation that converts your food waste to real cash in the form of Carbon offsets because your food waste when picked up curbside has been weighed and then converted to carbon offsets, which is then credited to that address.  Recycled food waste through Winrows has many benefits including:

  • erosion control
  • moisture retention
  • improved soil ecology
  • increased soil organic matter content as it is converted to soil enhancer through Winrows Worm Farming Process.

CO2 removal CREATING A MOVEMENT AROUND RECYCLING Confidence and courage were the driving forces behind the inventors while formulating constructive ways to unlock the full potential in food waste recycling.  Look at the printing on the bag: WE WANT YOUR KITCHEN WASTE At your City, County, or State level all the talk about recycling is always about:

  • New Programs
  • Automated Systems
  • Recycling Bins
  • Transfer Stations
  • Landfills