Winrows Container
Winrows Container

But none of these issues the inventors found reached the real problem, and that is Recycling is a behavior, and like all human behavior is motivated or constrained by the context in which it occurs.  Winrows is:

  1. Personal Behavior Predictor
  2. Situational Predictor
  3. Perceived Control Predictor

Winrows presents knowledge (bag printing) in the home (not in the garage or curbside) and this correlates with Recycling behavior.  Knowing more about Recycling (in-home constant reminder) causes people (including children) to recycle more often.

  • Note the size was designed so that it will fit in any size kitchen.
  • Note the carbon air filter that is rechargeable by placing in the sun.
  • Note the printing on the bag a constant reminder.

Note the extra bag inside the lid. Just remove the bag, tie it, and place it curbside and it will be picked up the same time Fill-A-Box is picked up.  The barcode on the bag relates to your address, the bag is weighed and that weight is then converted to Carbon offsets and is credited to your account linked to your address in GREENEBANK.  These carbon offsets are sold and traded by Corporations daily (How do you think Frito Lay can boast they are carbon neutral?)  A new bag is left for you and if you need more bags, just call or contact Winrows. But, there is evidence that once we become aware of what we are wasting, most of us are prepared to do something about it. For example, 69% of the households that kept a week-long diary recording the food, they threw away were afterwards committed to doing something about it. And Defra‚Äôs research on pro-environmental behaviours suggests that, from an environmental point of view, people are both willing and able to reduce food waste.