The chart shows the average amount of food waste per day, per person, per household.

On average, we all waste our body weight in good food every year.

Winrows and Fill-A-Box means proximity to multiple collection containers and add curb-side collection you have “AMERICA LOVES ONE-STOP SERVICES AT HOME” Join the revolution of recycling that makes a difference.  Remove food waste (Biowaste) from landfills and from your community water systems (Garbage  InSinkErator) and contribute to good farming practices, with Winrows. About Kitchen Food Waste (biowaste) AKA: Greenwaste Since there are several definitions of waste, there are also many definitions of Kitchen Food Waste (biowaste).  The definition here is any food substance (excluding bones) raw or cooked which is discarded.  Kitchen Food Waste (biowaste) has a dramatic impact on your planet: 1. 45% plus of the bulk of landfill material is made of food waste (biowaste) 2. During decomposition in the landfill it creates methane gas 10 times more destructive than CO2. From the end of the 19th century through the 20th century cities collected Kitchen Food Waste (biowaste) separately, and it was usually fed to pigs commonly called swilling. However with the advent of Single Stream Garbage collection this Kitchen Food Waste (biowaste) has been relegated to your community water system, increasing the operational cost of your utilities and ultimately your costs by the need to treat the sludge. READ: America’s Wasteland-How America throws away nearly half of its food (Jonathan Bloom)